RouteFinder for MapInfo

RouteFinder is based on RW Net and makes most of the functionality available to the user with easy access to the fast routing engine.

With RouteFinder you will be able to:
  • Calculate the route from one point to another, with any number of via points
  • Use dynamic segmentation in the routing
  • Create isochrones from one or more points at a time (for analysis of location of facilities)
  • Create distance tables
  • Calculate the best order to visit a number of customers
  • Get route descriptions
  • Temporarily close or slow down roads
  • Work with very big networks
  • Identify topological problems in road networks
Download the 32 bit version here
You can download the 64 bit version from here
You can request a time limited fully working version for you to evaluate the product.

You can see the manual in PDF format – download here

Please see the feature matrix below for a full description.

RouteFinder also includes a license for Toolbox.
RouteFinder includes sample data from these datasets:
  • Open Street Map
Prices (Available in UK only)
Pro Single license, 1500 Euro
Pro, 5 additional licenses, 1500 Euro
Upgrade from 3.x Pro, €1050
Upgrade from 4.x Standard, €1350
Upgrade from 4.x Pro, €750

1x single license + 4x 5 additional licenses = Site license (7500 Euro)

Maintenance / Support

  • All updates and e-mail support 30% annually

Update policy

If you don’t want maintenance or support, but prefer to upgrade at the time of release (or skip a release), these are the terms:

50% of full price (1 major version)
70% of full price (>1 major version)

Minor updates such as 5.0 > 5.0x are always free

All prices exclude VAT.
Corporate licenses, upgrades, Academic, prices etc: P.O.A.


  • Size of datasets: Up to 100,000,000 records
  • Support of all MapInfo coordinate systems (also latitude/longitude)
  • Creates topological networks directly from TAB files (and TABx in 64 bit version)
  • Z-level in files
  • Choice of Km or Miles as unit of distance
  • Shortest / fastest path with point-&-click
  • One-way streets
  • Turn restrictions
  • Via point routing
  • 32 road classes
  • Multiple vehicle types
  • Multiple speed files
  • Dynamic segmentation mode
  • Routing via selection from gazetteer, i.e. towns
  • Travelling salesman with point-&-click
  • Isochrones (voronoi or link-based)
  • Service area calculation
  • Distance-tables
  • Nearest N centres
  • Update Point Table
  • Traffic volumes (flow)
  • Route Pairs
  • Route descriptions
  • Dynamic cut-offs and slowing down of links
  • Use of limits (such as max weight etc)
  • Tools for identification of network issues:
      • Subnets, Cul-de-sacs, Close nodes, Overpasses check, Node-link check