RW NetServer

RW NetServer is for intranet/internet-based applications. RW NetServer includes a lot of functions aimed at location-based services (LBS):

Main routing features:

  • Driving descriptions (e.g. 1.5 miles down Main Street, turn left, etc.)
  • Shortest or fastest path
  • Find nearest facility: Where is the nearest, e.g. petrol station ?
  • Support for turn restrictions
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • On-line administration of street network (for roadworks, etc.)
  • Travelling salesman optimization
  • Isochrones which show how far you can get in e.g. 10 minutes
  • Results can be stored as TAB/SHP/MIF/GML2 files for fast display, streamed to the client or accessed through arrays
  • Predefined POI lists
  • Easy access to routing results from many clients (sample code included)
  • Very fast

Server features:

  • True application server technology.
  • Application server and route server in one exe file (easy setup).
  • Runs on Win32/Win64 or Linux 32/64 bit (Intel) platforms.
  • Multi-threaded
  • Full failover and loadbalancing features for scalability from one server to large cluster setups.
  • Automatic configurable pooling of street network and calculation objects for best performance.
  • Windows Performance Monitor support for server performance insight (Win32).

Clients (all native):

  • Active-X (asp)
  • C/C++
  • C# (Compact Framework compatible)
  • Delphi
  • Java SE
  • PHP
  • SOAP access

RW NetServer runs completely independently of GIS systems, but can import road networks in these formats:

RW NetServer can be used in conjunction with .NET, MapXtreme, ArcIMS, MapServer, Openlayers to show routes on a map.


1 year 3 years
Standard, 1 core €500 €1000
Standard, 1 server €1000 €2000
Standard, 1 site €1500 €3000
Pro, 1 core €1000 €2000
Pro, 1 server €2000 €4000
Pro, 1 site €3000 €6000

Prices exclude VAT.