We have over 14 years experience with MapInfo from the DOS version right up to the latest version (7.5). We have over 12 years experience in developing applications with Mapbasic. We have a wealth of experience in using Mapbasic not only as standalone applications but also in a client server environment. This has included linking to remote RDBMS such as ORACLE, INGRES, DB2 and SQL Server and also linking to desktop databases such as Microsoft Access. We have extensive experience in using Mapbasic with Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL), Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and the MS Windows Application Programmers Interface (Windows API). We also have experience in using Mapbasic with Visual Basic and Delphi.

HMS is also able to offer development in the ESRI suite of products, such as ArcGIS and ArcIMS.

Experienced in the following languages:

    • MapBasic, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Delphi and Fortran 77
    • Spatial Databases such as Spatialware.
    • Rapid Application Development

Programming can be charged on a day rate basis (please get in touch about rates and it depends on length of contract) or on a project basis.

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